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With Botany, Shelter hoped to create a feminine-centred brand that looked equally at home amongst other accessories and cosmetic products, and was functional but also aesthetically beautiful with an elevated and luxury feel, yet still perfect for everyday use like a classic perfume bottle.

I began with exploring different product types and ultimately landed on a vape pen: modern, portable, with the potential for an equally functional and beautiful product. 

We arrived at the concept of one pen with four different experiences or flavours, adding on the understood use that people use different types of cannabis for different reasons at different times of the day. We created four different cannabis experience categories, gently flavoured with flowers and fruits.

The name Botany tied everything perfectly together, encompassing the coupling of floral flavours of the cannabis experiences and the cannabis plant. There’s a natural composure to the name Botany that gives the sense of connectedness to nature, elegance, and intention.

Intention is behind the pen’s overall design — compact and portable, yet elegant and beautiful. The pen was designed from the ground up as there was nothing currently on the market I could use as a base design for manufacturing moulds, and I worked alongside the engineers to hone the performance, size, colours and finish specifications.

The pen itself is finished in a matte rubberized coating for a soft touch feel. Gold for the cartridge represented an elegance not commonly found in the cannabis industry, and a rounded mouthpiece softened and gave it a more approachable aesthetic. 

Gold foiled logos aren’t otherwise possible though vape pen battery manufacturing, however, we were able to electroplate the raw material casing of the battery in gold, and then coat the casing in the rubberized finish, to finally laser etch through to expose the gold underneath. An uncommom practice, but it was this kind of attention to detail that were crucial to the feel of the brand and distinguished both Botany and Shelter’s products as uniquely special.